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SPAIN Citizenship

Spain is situated in the westernmost part of Europe, sharing its borders with France and Andorra to the Northeast and Portugal to the west. In the south, Spain is separated from the African continent by way of a narrow strait of solely 14 kilometers. Spain is viewed via many to be a shining pearl in Southern Europe.
Historically, Spain experienced more than one extraordinary phases, along with years of alien invasion, dynastic changes, and the joyous unification of the country by way of Queen Isabel I of Castile and King Fernando II of Aragon in 1492. On October twelfth of that identical momentous year, Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas, heralding the conquest of tons of South and Central America. The Kingdom of Spain has considering that been a distinguished strength in many components of Europe, Asia, and the Latin America area and is recognized as the first international power.
After the eradication of the Spanish Armada in 1588, the once proud united states plunged into recession for centuries, made worse via separation, civil wars and dictatorship. By the 2nd half of the 20th century.Spain emerged from its stricken past and has due to the fact progressed towards restoration. The Spain of now a days it is widely celebrated as the birthplace of the world’s second-most spoken language and a cornerstone in the foundation of Western society.

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